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03-11-2013, 07:24 AM
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The team is playing great but we're not in the hunt.

We've played 26 games and have 24 points. If we played like a great team (1.22 pts/game) we finish with 51 points in 48 games. Also consider we play more road games than home and it will be tough to play at that clip even more so.

To get to the 8th spot we need the Blues to get 23 points or fewer in 23 games. Plus we we need the Coyotes to get 24 points or less in 23 games, the Stars to get 25 points or less in 24 games, the Preds to get 25 points or less in 23 games and the Avs to get 27 points or less in 24 games. Plus I'm not factoring in tie breakers, so likley need some teams to get less than above.

meaning we would have to continue playing great hockey (again we will go as far as Bob takes us and personally I think there is slim/no chance he can keep it up for another 22 games) AND we need to pass 5 teams.

The playing well and 5 teams is key. if we were 5 points out and in 9th place then yes it's possible, but since every other team in the West is only playing other Western teams and with the abundance of 3 point games, well we're not in the race. Get to 9th or 10th place and then we can talk.

For what Jarmo/JD do:
1. Evaluate the coaches. Does Richards fit? I didn't think so 2 weeks ago, no I dunno.
2. Which players fit the style of play we want to play? This is tough until we get the coach selected.

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