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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
For those posting YT videos of Marty B is just being a twit. DD gives up atleast one bad goal a game and sometimes two. DD is 26 and is not ready to handle being a number 1 and there is a problem with his state of mind and his style.

We need to address whether or not the oilers are giving DD the proper coaching support. I am not a Chabot fan and I am not sure if Chabot has the experience to help DD change what needs to be changed.

I was looking forward to a JDD and DD battle to be the number 1. and when DD was handed the job and I think his developed stopped.

He has one year left until he is a UFA and then the oilers will be in a pickle.

We also need a back up. I think we need two, not one goalie--I am off the DD fan wagon and am looking around to see what is out there.
Bernier from LA should be on our shopping list, but we are going to need a back up plan.

Both Roy and Bunz are a few years away from being considered for the NHL and based upon on-line reports, it might be time to look at drafting a goalie in the first three rounds this draft to get another goalie in the system as those two could be leaving us lacking shortly.

for me, the problem in net goes beyond DD, but the development system we have set up for not just goalies but all the prospects as well and we need to look at what them oilers have in place to ensure more our prospects do not get tossed on the bust pile.

Very quietly some of our draft picks are looking more and more like busts
I disagree with most of this post, but we do need to draft a goalie for sure. To call our picks "busts" after 2 years or so is ludicrous. Goalies take time, ask that "bust" Jimmy Howard in Detroit.

As for the Brodeur video, the point is that anyone can let up a bad goal. Dubnyk hasn't consistently let up 2 or more bad goals a game. He lets some bad ones in, but really he's been solid most of the time. I've watched every game and I can count 4 bad goals let in. A lot of it is terrible defense.

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