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03-11-2013, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by tymed View Post
You guys are ridiculous!! We're all aware that he has 19 points in 27 games right? I'm pretty sure that puts him on career-high pace offensively at 55 pro-rated over 82. He's getting old and works like a horse for this team, missing only 13 games in 5.5 season for our team. Sure, he's lost a step or two but we'd be completely ****ing screwed without him, on and off the ice. Parts of his game have declined noticeably but it's a good thing we signed him for next year, even at 6mill. It's a one year deal and there's no one close in our system or roster to replace what he brings. So many whiners in our fanbase!

The guy has brought so much to our team over his tenure and is a huge part of this squad in every way possible. It's absurd that there are so many people complaining about such a great player.

An early congrats to Kimmo who's 3 games away from 1000, and more than glad to have him on our team to retire in orange and black.

Go complain about someone else, seeing as that's how all anyone around here does.
THIS.. are we really complaining about having the second highest point scoring defensman thus far?

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