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03-11-2013, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by OurGocIsAnAwesomeGoc View Post
You're clearly biased.

He started out great, and I hoped he had gotten over whatever his issue was last season. Then, at some point, he went back to the old Blum, getting beat one on one over and over and losing every board battle he engaged in.

I never thought I would be excited for Hal Gill to get back into the lineup.
It's funny that you attacked April for her bias yet your view of him is just as biased. I would have to say his play has been somewhere in the middle of what you and April have said. I would tend to agree he has his moments, both good and bad. He has shown glimpses of last year as well as the year before. What he's struggling with right now, as is the entire team, is consistency. Most defensemen struggle with this. We saw it with Suter. We saw it with Hamhuis. We saw it with Klein. We saw it with Weber. Ellis has had his moments too where he's struggled. It's just one of those things unfortunately.

I also think we tend to over analyze or are overly critical of some of the d-play when it always isn't on them. One thing I notice is our guys don't always make great passes out of the defensive zone. While we look and say, that was a crappy pass or what was he thinking, did we ever think that there was no one to pass to whether his partner was not in position or the forwards weren't in a good passing lane? Probably not. We only see the error but not what caused the error with the puck. I really feel the forwards have played as much a part into the lack of consistent play from our blue line as much as the blue liners have.

At the end of the day Blum has shown he can play at this level. It's just a matter of him getting to play at that level night in and night out, shift to shift. He'll get there. The coaches have praised him for his work ethic this past summer and the way he came ready to play once the lockout was over. He also sat for a bunch of games and hasn't complained and he's sitting again without a peep. Sometimes growing pains suck but he'll be all right when all is said and done.

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