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03-11-2013, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Can someone tell me why Sacco is a bad coach? It's a miracle that the team was .500 when literally everyone was injured to start the season. They will take the next step and make the playoffs with this healthy lineup like they did a couple of years ago.
Makes stupid decisions daily. [Players going from healthy scratch to playing 22mins per night <- has happened at least 3 times this season] is but ONE example.

We DID have injuries and key players out of the lineup, I'll give you that but it's more about questionable calls that happen regularly.

- Tyson Barrie being out of the lineup after what he showed over 10 games is moronic. Matt Hunwick turns the puck over a minimum of 3 times per game and stays in the lineup.

- Matt Duchene on the point on the Power Play DID NOT WORK last year and it didn't work for 10 games this year either but it was tried and tried and tried without success.

Stuff like that.

There are teams with less talent that are doing much better than .500 with good coaching, guys that actually have systems and can ADAPT during games. All we've seen from Sacco over the years is: dump the puck in, go get it and work hard. That's not enough to be competitive in this league.

This is not unlike Granato having an all-star team in 2003 and getting SCHOOLED by Jacques Lemaire and a hard working but much less talented Wild team in the playoffs. Granato didn't know what to do and neither does Sacco on most nights. It's just more of the same dump & chase, be first on the puck and hope we play harder than our opponent on any given night.

Honestly, you could put a fishbowl with a goldfish in it behind the bench as head coach of this team and I'm not sure the results would be very different than what we've seen this year.

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