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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Not sure I see the complication. We draft well, develop our young, make smart FA signings, and shrewd trades. Nothing much has changed.
Originally Posted by Roadman View Post
I just don't look for that radical an overhall.
Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
I'm pretty sure the plan from the start was simply to actually use those three 1sts to boost our offensive scoring talent, and maybe trade a few rentals, and otherwise leave things be and let kids develop.

I think the only revision to that plan that has come about from this run is that "hiring a new coach" is potentially no longer on the agenda.
In general, these.

The "plan" is surely ongoing. Presuming that it's a full-on evaluation of the on-ice personnel individually and collectively, and the coaching and scouting staffs (staves?). Considering Jarmo and even JD are short-timers, the team's recent play is likely impacting hat evaluation.

Let me add:
With regard to the draft - If the "plan" was "Draft MacKinnon" then someone should have told the current team. And shame on the FO for having such a limited "plan." (Hint: I don't think this was the "plan.")
With regard to the trade deadline: If JD/Jarmo had already decided that certain players either fit or don't fit within the structure either in the lineup, locker room or salary structure moving forward, I would expect the "plan" has not changed at all. We will see a trade deadline little affected by current on-ice results and more by long-term roster building.

One last thing: This is a perfect opportunity to reiterate my position that none of us has anything but conjecture on what JD/JK's take is on individual personnel, save for a few offhand remarks by JD. I suppose we could cite conventional wisdom and attribute that thinking to the FO, but my guess (total guess) is that would be a mistake.

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