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03-11-2013, 09:30 AM
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almost all of the jets players are just approaching there prime, including Wheeler. Why from a jets standpoint do you make this trade?

I don't understand why from a rangers standpoint either, other then to downgrade gaborik for wheeler in an attempt to prolong there window so to speak.

Wheelers a 60 pt forward with 4 years of peak performance left in him. Gaborik is a 80-90 pt player past his peak performance time (meanign he's unlikely to ever get back to those numbers). Even if Gaborik came with an extension, it doesn't make sense. Wheeler, ladd, litte, buff, and enstrom, are all within 2 years of eachother. Having your 2 best dmen and your best line all in the exact same window is fantastic. Why would the jets break that up, and trade an appreciating asset for depreciating one?

On the rangers side, it's not as if gaboriks going to break his hip the next time he steps on the ice. He should be at least as good as wheeler is for the next 3-4 years, which is realistically what i would consider the rangers window to be.

Both players fit their current teams windows, roles, and performance better then the trade partners. There's zero reason to make the trade for either side, unless the other side overpays (which is what i would say the Original Wheeler, Postma, 1st was), but unless a GM has a mancrush on the player in question, there's no reason for them to overpay.

There are two types of teams that would give up an equivelent package for Gaborik

1. a contender type team with a lot of "good" talent and prospect depth (thus moving some depth + a "good" piece for a "great" piece) (LA last year)
2. A team severely underperforming who's GM job is on the line if he doesn't turn it around quick.(Columbus two years ago)

Winnipeg is pretty much as far as you could possibly be from either of those scenarios.

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