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03-11-2013, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
And it still cracks me up that people think a stable, winning organization isn't more attractive to free agents than an in-flux, losing organization. Also cracks me up that some people think Florida is a prime destination for free agents.

If you were an NHL free agent where would you go for the same money? Detroit, Pittsburg, Boston, etc. or Florida, Edmonton, NYI?

I am not against trading away some of our players (Kuba, Santo, Kovalev, some others), but I am against trading away most of our players and blowing up the roster just for a couple draft picks.
Thanks to the salary cap, the cap floor, and team budgets there are only so many teams with enough money to pay free agents. Basically, free agents get their options limited because of the structure if they want to get paid. Flash could have gone to Pittsburgh but he'd probably have to take like 50-75% of what he got here. Money talks. All things equal free agents probably don't come here over the teams you listed. There are some attractive things about playing here. No state income tax, weather (the wife might have input), less media spotlight/pressure, etc. which may sway free agents over those teams but we'll have to get better yoy to ever attract a big name.

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