Thread: Confirmed with Link: Isles claim Thomas Hickey (D) off Waivers
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03-11-2013, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Veteran journeyman View Post
I stand with the gentleman who resurrected this thread. Maybe I don't think Hickey is quite that horrible, but he's redundant. Can't have a D going forward made up almost entirely of smallish, intelligent D that are decent positionally but limited physically and offensively. The Islanders have a very easy defense to play against when you think about it. If you're a skilled NHL forward, who are you worried about taking your head off as you come across the blue line at full speed? Who are you thinking twice about going into the corners with? Who puts the fear of God into you when you're camped out in front of the net?

To some degree, you can excuse the lack of physicality in a player like Vis or Streit, because they put points up and give you a lot offensively. Some of these other guys though...a good positional play every so often is nice for a 5th or 6th defenseman, but it's not enough when that's all you're getting from one, sometimes both defensemen on every pairing. Sometimes I feel like we're the public giving its views about Congress on here. We all can see the need for improvement on the whole, but individually we fall in love with each player and are hesitant to part with anyone save the worst of the worst (Reasoner, for example). We have Strait, AMac and Hickey. Pick one for the bottom pair and move on from the other two, I say. These smallish, intelligent players are a dime a dozen.
Bang on. I think AMac or Strait should be ont he bottom pair with Carkner (when healthy). Really, we only have about 3 DEF that are decent...

Hammer - XXX
Streit - XXX
Carkner - Amac/Strait/Hickey..maybe even put Streit in this pile.

This teams has to upgrade huge on DEF and in the net.

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