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03-11-2013, 10:06 AM
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The name and numbers are the customized with pro kits (same as the Sharks use as I am told). Quality is very good, but it is still a cheap asian knock-off in my mind. It's just that it's an official knock-off by Reebok with much better quality than the Chinese ones.

The other thing about the Chinese away jersey is the orange strips. What is pictured is the color, and not my camera's white balance. They cannot match that color correctly. Therefore those are easy to spot at the Pavilion.

I found two Edge 2.0's for sale that are released by the Sharks equipment manager. Those were $800 and $1100. Both had been repaired with the $800 much more. Too rich for me.

Where are you guys finding the Edge 1.0's? I could not find any with the exception of the Canadian teams and a some of the USA teams.

I will post some more pics including my CCM (made in Canada) vintage Sharks, and my similar one for the Hawks that has been customized by SportsK.

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