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03-11-2013, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
Did you tell Orpik to gap up? Cool stuff, though.
Nobody told him anything. He backed out a few hours before the signing. The guys who run the store as well as a few fans there were pissed off. And rightfully so.

Hell I only knew about him backing out right before the signing because I curiously told my fiancee to check the Facebook page of AJ Sports World around 4PM that afternoon (to make sure that both Neal and Orpik would be there and that the signing was still at 7:30) on her phone while we were at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. And the only reason I had that idea was because I remember that they had posted a cancellation notice for Carey Price literally like 2 hours before he was supposed to sign in-store for them a few weeks ago. But at least they will be rescheduling that signing, unlike the Orpik one.

I'd still love to know what happened with Orpik and what he presumably did to piss the guys at AJ's off. Especially since him signing will (as they said themselves) "never ever ever be rescheduled."

Like I said before, I don't know if this is true or not, but according to a person who posted under the Orpik cancellation notice on the Facebook wall of AJ Sports World, Orpik "may" have been seen signing autographs outside of the Pens hotel where the team stayed Friday night before going out for dinner with some of the guys. And this occurred supposedly right around the time he was supposed to be at AJ's..for only a scheduled half an hour signing. Again I say he "may" have been seen doing this stuff as who really knows if the person who said this is lying. But judging how pissed the staff at AJ's were (as I overheard a few people asking them what was up about Orpik bailing), yeah I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be true??

Total dick move by Orpik to bail out nonetheless. I mean I didn't personally care too much as I was looking forward to meeting Neal alot more. But the fact that my fiancee and I were not the only ones who travelled to Vaughn for this signing from out of town, yeah...for the time, effort, and $ we spent getting there (not to mention the aggrivation of navigating downtown TO), you'd think Orpik could have spent 30 minutes signing stuff for us fans. It's not like he wouldn't have been paid for it. Personally I felt bad for the people (especially a few little kids) who walked in as we were leaving as they all were excitedly talking about meeting Orpik and getting their '09 Cup jerseys and stuff signed by him.

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