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03-11-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
Although PK kept things simple last night, I also loved to see him take a rush during one of our power play; when we seemed to have trouble settling in the O-zone.

We saw him just skate like the Flash, rush the blueline, dump in and use his speed to recover the puck; doing a "hold location" puck battle until wingers came in support to relieve him so he can take his normal position at the Point.

That was not only a clever thing to do; it was a great effort by Subban, and done at an OPPORTUNE moment; when the Panthers seemed to be doing good in their PK and frustrate us. He gave them something new to worry about; and completely blew past their defense.
Originally Posted by 417 View Post
You can tell that things are starting to slow down for Subban...he's playing the game less, with his physical abilities (which are so much more advanced than his peers btw) and more with his hockey sense.

He's learning that he can accomplish a lot more on the ice at times, by doing less...he's got a perfect template to follow in that with Andrei Markov

keep it up PK! shut the haters up!
I credit Therrien and Markov, and maybe Erik Cole's txt msg.

Just the little bits I've seen of Therrien coaching up PK on 24ch, have impressed me so much. Telling him to let the game come to him, you can really see him taking it to heart out there. Markov's influence is undeniable. Just practicing with a guy like that is invaluable. Last year, PK took off at the same time as Markov returned to practice. No coincidence.

Everyone knows/knew PK has allll the tools, right now he's showing more of an ability to use them in the right situations. It's come to the point where when I see him make one of his infamous blunders, but I'm talking a blunder that many fans here wouldn't even notice because it was made at such a high skill level, I can tell by the look on his face, that he too now realizes what he did wrong. Coaching.

He's really taking the next step and there's no denying that. If he can continue to add this Markovian element to his game then he will be one of the rare few that can overcome a lack of elite hockey IQ/vision to still be among the elite.

I understand that his biggest fans are already considering him Norris caliber, but I will not jump the gun and say he's there yet, but these last couple weeks, there's not anything more you can really ask of him.

Add Diaz to this D-core and get a crease clearer instead of Weber/Kaberle, that's a deep and elite defense.

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