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03-11-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by rey72335 View Post
Oh, a story? That means it must be true...

If I remember correct, the story was that CM Punk was dating Daffney during her time in OVW.. during this, he was cheating on her with Traci Brooks.. Daffney got released from her deal and wanted to go to ROH with Punk, but he apparently said that Gabe (ROH co-founder) had no room for her there, then broke up with her causing her to be distraught enough to retire from wrestling (she actually retired to focus on her acting career and to work as a personal trainer).. I don't know how much is true, if any, and parts of it don't make sense to me.

The thing is with the whole "Straight-edge" lifestyle, is that there are various definitions of it. Some go as far as including veganism and no caffeine, some leave it at drinking/drugs/smoking, so it's basically what the person chooses it to be. His version might not include the withholding of promiscuous sex, and to him and many others, he's still "following the rules".
I consider myself straight edge and leave it as what you've got written there.

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