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03-11-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by bohlmeister View Post
Does everyone think they will try and get ROR long term? I am still worried, and think they will trade him.
Well, it's still a very big possibility. However, here's a glimmer of hope:

As myself and others have been trying to tell a lot of you guys, Sherman is merely a puppet when it comes to player decisions. The proof is the way the FO handled the entire RoR situation, it's just like the good old days with Drury, Ozo, etc. I truly believe that if Sherman was his own man, he would have found a way to get RoR signed and not negotiate exactly the way our president used to negotiate with RFAs.

However, I believe that Sherman and Sacco will be relieved of duties after this season. Even if we have a bit of a good run and even make a 1st round appearance, the old 'different direction' could just be used as an excuse to make a change. Speaking of excuses, that is something that could be used to sweep the previous contract negotiations under the rug and start fresh with a new GM (Sakic).

So that gives Lacroix his official 'out' as far as dealing with disgruntled RFAs. I understand the reasoning as to WHY he used to ship out players who wanted too much $$$, too soon or wanting more than they were worth, since it has a direct impact on the rest of the up-and-coming RFAs but I don't necessarily agree with it.

PL could just have it look like it was the previous GM who 'bungled the entire contract negotiation' without even having to say a word. He saves face, up-and-coming RFAs see it as incompetence from the former GM and the team gets to keep RoR long-term.

I can see the scenario I just outlined above happening, just as I can see the Avs hanging on to both Sherman and Sacco through to next year's trade deadline where RoR is shopped to the higgest bidder for 'what he did to our team....and putting himself first'.

Too close to call really.

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