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03-11-2013, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by BPD View Post
The chief argument in this thread AGAINST the Jets trading for Gaborik is his age, because Winnipeg needs youth and isn't in a playoff run.

You know, as if the Jets aren't sitting 2 points behind the Rangers and shouldn't be thinking they could be an 8th seed or anything.

The age argument against Gaborik is flawed in so many ways - Gaborik is effectively 3 years younger than his real age because he missed SO MUCH TIME. He's healthy, dynamic and frankly, I couldn't give a **** if WPG doesn't want to pay for him - he can continue doing his thing for us.
The point isn't where we are right now. you didn't see ottawa go on a spending spree at the deadline last year.

the point is we are just on the cusp of making the playoffs.

Getting aplayer like gaborik would make us a thrat to actually get out of the first round, but that's it. It does not take us from one and done to stanley up contender. the point is that boost, isn't really worth anything to Winnipeg. It just means Gaborik become a main piece for a 3-4 years, and we artificially create a premature window for us as now after those three years, were short what would have been a player in his prime (wheeler). realistically, in 3 years is exactly when we would be after a guy like Gaborik.

at the end of the day, Regardless of NYR's think, Gaborik is not a piece for the Jets plan right now. I'm not saying he isn't a phenominal hockey player. What i'm saying is even getting 3-4 years of him is not worth what it would cost for Winnipeg.

And the "effectively three years younger" has no precedent. I dont' think you can find any sort of pattern historically that backs up the claim that missing time to injury in your career prolongs it. Remember, one or two instances is NOT a pattern.

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