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03-11-2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
He was putting up comparable numbers to Cody in the AHL (without spending alot of time - if any - in the 1st unit PP).
He was putting up numbers expected of a rookie playmaker wedged into a 4th line. What has Vancouver's record been since AV broke up the Raymond-JS-Hansen line -- your 3rd line that was producing like a first line? I can guarantee it's abysmal. If Schroeder was the issue, why once he was factored out of the lineup have the Canucks been doing worse? Shouldn't they be doing better if he was negatively affecting the team?

What happened was Kesler came back and AV broke up the Ray-JS-Hansen line to better accommodate Kesler. As a result he fixed something that wasn't broken and ruined that 3rd line, didnt make Kesler anymore productive in ES minutes as a result, and disrupted the development of Schroeder who was adjusting nicely while Vancouver was winning games. What puzzled me most is that AV never went back to that 3rd line. After Kesler got hurt you'd think since that opened up another center spot that would potentially give Schroeder a promotion, instead the next game he gets a demotion and a natural winger gets thrown in his center spot? Talk about a mind-f@&#.

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