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03-11-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
You think you're making other people look stupid. Thing is, you're the only one who looks that way.

I've said this in other threads and i'll put it here again.

Tell me, how many players scored 40 goals last season.

Tell me, how many players have put up 100+ goals over the last 3 years.

Tell me, how many players have had 2 40 goal seasons in the last three.

Tell me the value of those guys and why Gaborik shouldn't be considered worth in the realm they are.
Sorry, but you've extrapolated way more from my comments than was intended. I'd add that, unlike yourself apparently, I'm confident enough in my own opinions that I don't need to resort to pejorative terms such as "stupid" in an attempt to prove a point to another.

Gaborik has awesome value, I'd agree. He just has little value however to a young team that is being structured in the manner the Jets currently are. That is kind of the point. Gaborik has high value to a contending team. The Jets young core however is several years away from that point and management are in the process of building a team from burnt ashes, a team with virtually no depth whatsoever. It makes zero sense for the Jets to pursue a player like Gaborik, to essentially trade youth and or depth for an aging veteran and by extension leaving them with not much in the cupboard going forward, but then again I'd have thought that should be self-evident to such a smart guy as yourself.

In other words, he has great value, but not here.

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