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03-11-2013, 11:44 AM
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I just think it doesn't make sense for the team to trade away a young player that plays well to ok and has alot of potential vs keeping 2 sandbags who are doing nothing but getting worse by week. Keeping Gill and Hannan will not help the team at all, they are just helping to drag it down. The fact that Blum who seems to be getting better keeps getting benched for these 2 sandbags just drives me crazy.

The Announcers were praising Hannan a few weeks ago because he has more starts over the last 10 years than anyone else. Well, that is easy to do when you aren't taking any risk, and aren't really doing much other than just skating around.

The only thing Gill has going for him is his height gives him a longer reach than most. Other than that, he is a sloth.

While I understand that people want to trade to get value, I just hate seeing great potential, continuously end up in the hands of other teams. I just don't understand the concept of trading prospects or players on the verge of breakout moments for more sandbags in the last few years of their career.

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