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03-11-2013, 12:53 PM
Cyclones Rock
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I would imagine that management will carry on with planning without much regard to a 5 game winning streak and make any adjustments to their developing plans based on where the team is in mid-April. If certain player performances are such that plans should be altered, then I'd think that management would alter them accordingly.

If decisions had been made to unload some dead weight veterans (Umberger, Brassard) if at all possible, then I'd assume that the brass will proceed with those plans. 5 games shouldn't affect an evaluation very much. These guys are what they are. Like all players, their stats fluctuate. They can't be awful all of the time.

While it's hard to not like how Bob has played in net over the past week or so, it's not near enough time to reach any "stand pat" with respect to the starting goalie.

For us fans, it's easy. Enjoy the ride. Hope it lasts a while longer.
And don't reach for sharp objects when it doesn't.

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