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03-11-2013, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by cheesesteak View Post
I really like Bob but he's not coming back for what we'd have to pay now. What I don't get is why the f do they keep bringing back Bouch/Leighton it's like they wanna keep a bad goalie culture. I said Bob would prove he can be a good starter in the season predictions thread. He's got all the tools IMO to be better then Bryz when it's all said and done.

I wish Homer didn't overreact after the 2011 playoffs... I also wish Lavy didn't overreact in the 2011 playoffs and bench Bob for Bouch/Leighton after how many games? He would of been perfect to grow with the young team too but I guess Homer thought he was in win now with Pronger and Homer probably wasn't sure there would be amnesty.

Did they use the Bob pick on Stolarz? Hopefully he turns out pretty good.

If I see Leighton or Bouch in a Flyers jersey after this season I may lose it.
Meh. Hindsight is 20/20. Bob had an atrocious year followed by an equally if not more atrocious playoffs. The Flyers had Bryz long term. I would wager 99% of the teams in the NHL would have done the same thing. If you don't, you risk either losing him for nothing, or trading him for less than you could have traded him for. Risk vs. reward. Imagine the outrage if Bob walked for nothing when his contract was up..."WHY DIDN'T HOMER TRADE HIM EVERYONE KNEW HE WOULDN'T RE-SIGN HERE!!!!" Or the outrage if they hung on to him and he continued to suck this year..."OMG WHY DID THEY HANG ON TO THIS GOALIE HE HAD SUCH A BAD YEAR LASTYEAR WE ALL KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE THE SAME THIS YEAR!"

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