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03-11-2013, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Once again, you resort to hypothetical dramatics. Neither of those would happen. First of all, why would Bob walk? When have the Flyers let anybody walk that they wanted to keep?
Haha. This is an interesting response. So you either think:

a) he would have signed here, to be a backup and get backup money (which would be good, but we both know is unlikely because he made it clear he wanted to be a starter and I also think he would have gotten a look from other teams to be a starter);

b) he would have signed here to be the starter for starter money (which is unlikely); or

c) he would have signed here to be backup up starter money (which most likely would have been the only realistic option given the circumstances, at which point I think we both know that everyone would complain that he was overpaid and he should have been traded or let go).

Why would anybody be pissed if he's struggling? Lots of developing goalies struggle, and we've known for a long time that Bob doesn't do the backup role well and needs starts, both to stay warm and get experience. After he struggled last year there wasn't any of that outrage.
That's true. If there is one thing Flyers fans on HFBoards are known for it is their patience, especially with goalies.

Give me a break. If he put up similar numbers in year three that he did in year two, you are honestly going to tell me that people would be ok with that and wouldn't be talking about trading him while he still has value etc? If that is what you are saying it is very apparent that you are simply not willing to admit anything that isn't in line with your thoughts on Homer.

You really need to accept that sometimes, Homer has truly earned the criticism thrown at him. It isn't all unreasonable, knee jerk reactions. Hell, much of it is pretty well thought out.
He absolutely has earned criticisms. I agree with a lot of them. I think Bryz's contract is bad. I think Timonen's extension is too much money. I think he overpaid for Kubina. I think the backup goalie situation is a glaring problem. I can go on and on. But I am not going to criticize every move just because that is what everyone on HFBoards is doing. Trading Bob was pretty much the only option. He got pretty good value for a guy coming off as bad a performance as you pretty much can have as a goalie. I am not entirely sure what else there is to say about this other than what is written above.

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