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03-11-2013, 12:28 PM
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A word of caution about Stubhub

Stubhub is a great service but be very careful about buying concert tickets from it. Here's why....Back at Xmas, my wife and I saw that there was an Avent Brothers show coming to our town in Feb. She went on to Ticketmaster, bought and printed out four e-tix for our two kids and their respective significant others. Several weeks later (and completely unseen by us since, like most people, we fail to look too closely at our credit card statements) the ticket price was refunded to our credit card. We received no notice about this via email. Sooooo....the night of the show, the four of them went to the concert and were told that the tickets were not valid! Luckily, they were actually able to get better seat replacements for less than the originals that we had purchased when they explained that nobody on our end had any idea that the tickets had been cancelled. This was very cool of the venue because the replacement tix were literally front row at the center of the stage.

Stubhub factors into this because of the reason the tickets were cancelled in the first place. Apparently, the original tickets were sold from an area that was supposed to be set aside for the band's official fan-club. Some of the many cancelled tickets (they said there were about two hundred cancelled from a 3500 seat venue) had been subsequently resold by their purchasers on Stubhub. The folks at the music hall told my daughter that they had had to turn away several stubhub ticket holders who likely then had no recourse and would have been out of the money they had paid.

I can't see that this would happen when buying sporting event tickets but it's always good to be careful.

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