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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
on the Flyers defensive breakdowns should never lead to goals. I saw Bryz make some pretty good pad saves on defensive breakdowns .... but they don't count .... they simply fall into the category of "big deal, that's what he's paid to do"

he gets all the blame when he makes a mistake & no credit when did makes a big save ..... simply "that's what I expect for XX million" ..... that's Philly for ya

did you see Miller flub that 1 goal ? how can that be ?? he's All -World, right ?? only Bryz does that, right ?

you would think that the only team who gets scored on when there is a defensive breakdown is the Flyers.

oh, and the Sabres, too ..... we saw that yesterday. every other team has a lower % of "defensive breakdowns that lead to goals" ..... there must be some stat to show how bad only our goaltending is on this front .....
It was a bad game for Miller. It happens. However, it has been happening a lot more often to Bryzgalov, which is the problem. Your sarcasm is cute, but misplaced, and once again missed the bigger issues.

Miller: .914%
Bryz: .899%

At the end of the day, Miller has stopped more pucks on a team that is worse offensively and defensively than the Flyers. Last night was an exception for him, though seems to be part of a larger trend where he struggles against Philadelphia.

Edit: He has a .852% against the Flyers in his last six starts, and is posting something like .915% overall in that time span going back to last year. Lundvist stands on his head whenever he plays Philly, and Miller craps himself.

Edit 2: Wow, Miller almost matched Bryz statistically in a game where Bryz got the win. That's discouraging. .893% compared to .900. He would have matched him if he'd faced two more shots.

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