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03-11-2013, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Axman View Post
Wow, awesome story. There's nothing like meeting the guys you cheer for up close and personal except getting hockey gifts from your significant other. Enjoy!
And to think I got both on the same day no less.

But yeah I did enjoy for sure. We both did.

What made things even more special at the HHOF as well as at the Neal signing was that my fiancee was with me in both the pictures I got of me with the Cup and she stood right behind me while I stood right beside Neal.

I mean let's be honest, some guys would have been dicks and would have just left their fiancees/wives/girlfriends standing and waiting while they got their pictures of just them with the Cup or with their favourite player etc.

Me??? Nu-uh. Not only was that one of the greatest thrills of my life to visit both the HHOF and meet James Neal (in the same day no less), but the fact that my fiancee was there with me that day to begin with made it all the more magical. And what better way to way to capitalize on that magicalness than to have her in the photos with me. In fact I insisted that she get her photo taken right with me when I went to get my picture of me with the Cup taken. And I insisted that she be in the Neal picture with me as well.

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