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Originally Posted by 86Habs View Post
Nash should be considered a lock, Eric Staal too at this point. Sharp is unfortunately out for about a month with a shoulder injury; he'll make or break his case for Team Canada during the playoffs anyway. I haven't included him in my previous lineups, as I felt that him and Staal were competing for similar bottom 6/7 spots, but with Staal raising his game this year, I now think he's more cut out for a top 6 type role and thus Sharp would make perfect sense. If that line goes (Toews, Nash, Sharp), it will be interesting to see where Bergeron ends up (I consider him a lock, too). Maybe RW on the Crosby line as the doing the grunt work and providing defensive cover?
You and I are definitely thinking along the same lines. I am willing to throw out Bergeron's 2010 performance, both because he was injured and because he is so much better now. He and Crosby dominated the 2006 WCs on the same line, with Bergeron in the role you just described. A line like:

Tavares Crosby Bergeron

Would not have any weakness, and I trust Bergeron to do a far superior job of what Dupuis does in Pittsburgh. Likewise, I think that Tavares could more than replicate the role played by Kunitz due to his hockey IQ.

I also agree that E. Staal is looking like a lock. I'm curious to see if anyone thinks he would work on a line with Stamkos and St. Louis, either as the LW or the centre. He has the size to fulfill the required board work necessities, and he's a big threat to score or set up someone else on the line. He seems to be thriving with a sniper on his line in Carolina (Semin) so I have optimism that he would work with Stamkos.

This scenario would produce something like:
Tavares Crosby Bergeron
E. Staal Stamkos St. Louis
Sharp Toews Nash

Bergeron is often listed as the fourth line centre, but clearly this would be amended in such a situation. There are loads of options for the fourth line. I would consider a speed line possibly, something built around a combination of Giroux, Duchene, Hall, Seguin, Kane. Could be dangerous, and a nice change of pace.

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