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03-11-2013, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Transplanted Caper View Post
What has become painfully obvious over the past years is that dissent is disorganized in Canada compared to the US. Or we just follow US trends and if US media or dissenting public opinion is silent on an issue, then it hardly makes a dot on the radar screen here. Considering we shouldn't expect US media to pick up on Canada stories, then many Canadian issues go by largely unnoticed or unheeded.

(e.g. ACTA, if they get upset in US, it hits home here, if nothing is happening in the US, then the government in Canada can slip whatever it wants and everyone is asleep at the switch; nobody here questioned the supposed health of Canadian banks in 2008-9 when it becomes obvious years later that not all what they told us was true; how easy it has been for the CPC to use negative ads with all their cash and the response from the opposition has been terrible; and it scares me how easy it was for the government to control and change the messaging during Idle No More/Attawapiskat; and worse, how easy it is for the government to throw the kitchen sink into omnibus budget bills and the dissent hardly seems to hit the radar).

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