Thread: News Article: Carter NHL 3rd star of the week
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03-11-2013, 01:47 PM
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Three flyers stars (JVR, Bob, Carter) traded by the flyers for being failed projects all having great seasons. Hilarious. Can't wait to see the overreaction trade they make in response to this year.
And ever year here in Philly that scares me because like the flu, you know it' s only a matter of time.
Big Ed is pushing 80 and getting more irrational. And although the Flyer are not elite or a contender, and he should just leave the youngsters alone, he won't.
I'd ride ouit the year, get rid of the deadwood, buy out Danny B (and 2 more years at 7 mill) and try to find a decent D in Free Agnecy or trade up to get Seth Jones) if they don't make the playoffs, the should be int he top 10.
But Ed generally doesn't do that...and he'll make another bad move.
I'm still angry about JVR ....and wondering on who the next sacrificial lamb will be

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