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ok lady you can believe the media.. riight

lets examine the article from yahoo that first states as the headline.."Maple Leafs fan chants led to Ron Wilson’s firing" then goes on to say well maybe not responsible but the "chants were a significant factor" he then goes on to say "And I don't fault the fans" and then he implies that there are better things than chanting "But the deadliest thing is when a fan votes [with] their feet and they don't come." so not only is he saying the fans werent responsible, and the firing wasnt the fans fault, but he says that there would have been more effective methods to express their dismay. what does this imply? figure it out for yourself (not with more circus media)

"Media criticism and fan frustration had reached their apex; Burke said neither was the essential reason Wilson was fired, but that both expedited the process."

so in regards to your quotes

"After the last home game, it was clear to me that it would be cruel and unusual punishment to let Ron coach another game in the Air Canada Centre. I wasn't gonna put him through that," said Burke at Carlyle's introductory press conference on Saturday morning in Montreal.

"I wasn't going to [allow Wilson to] be put through that again," Burke said the ACC crowd's anti-Wilson chants. "It was hard to listen to. Hard to watch."

he was referring to their bad play, and how he was gonna get fired anyways and how the chanting just added salt to the wounds.

"He said it was "a playoff caliber team" two weeks ago, when the Leafs occupied the No. 8 seed before a 1-9-1 death spiral."

he wasnt gonna let him be humiliated by the losses anymore. you guys can try to save face all you want, but truth is that your both idiots for trying to manipulate the little kids on this board who fall for anything just like the media tries to do.

the 1-9-1 record was the reason he got fired

basically the article headlines, CHANTING IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FIRED COACH. .,. then goes on to say.. well maybe not directly responsible but they chanted alot and he got fired... then goes on to say well he was gonna get fired anyways but we chanted!! and then goes on to say the fans chanted while he got fired! lol yahoo sports sure is a reliable source and hockey specialists ..make up your mind which one is it?
Why do you bring Burke and his circus media here to our boards? We dont want it here! ...
anyways troll(s) back to your bridge... dont you have a leaf board to sympahtize with and a 46 year cup drought to quench? goodluck with that.

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