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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
thank you,
I had heard that they are trying to incentivize people staying in their seats, have they actually done this yet or are still looking at it ? I only ask because the first time I saw it was against the Habs ( the one where theodore played great) and then last night and it looked like there was not much difference.

has ownership directly addressed by saying that they acknowledge the optics of it are horrible and that they plan to change it ? Or is it a case that the perceptions of other fans means little as long as the seats are paid for ? from what I have been able to read Yormark is saying club red is a huge success. I also wondered if it was restricted to hockey or whether it also occured for concerts and found that it does apparently.

If the lawful owners of the tickets have no intention of sitting in them during games, cant they gift them to someone else in the arena to fill the seats ? I thought that the powers that be did not want this to happen but it looks like you you can purchase single game tickets from stubhub for 200 bucks a pop. I dont know if that is just for the seat or the seat + all amenities.

again sorry for all of the questions, i'm just trying my best to understand the situation.
!)The plans to incentivise staying in seats would be addressed over the summer...silly for them to do anything in this absurd miniseason.

2)Ownership claims clubred is at least 2/3 sold. Assuming that to be true, thats a huge success. Thats at a minimum 4x the revenue a regular seat brings in. Yormark has acknowleged to me personally that he understands the eyesore so they are not ignorant to it nor will they ignore it.

3)The one concert i attened was empty during the warmup band but filled once the concert started.

The ticket you purchase from stubhub is for the seat and its amenities, which cant be split, and Ownership doesnt give a damn if its resold and for how much.

Bottom line is Its all about revenue and if it brings in $$ for a franchise they will do it and work out their kinks. Every team has its embarrassing hiccups, no different than the shame your franchise went through last year from a publicity standpoint hating on a coach cause he didnt speak french.

Your questions are legitimate, no reason to apologize.


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