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Originally Posted by Have My Baby Pierre View Post
Is anyone worried about the rumor of Cano, Granderson, A-Rod, and Braun being suspended for failing a PED test? Now, this rumor is about a week old and was tweeted by a random sports blogger. However, this blogger also tweeted a month before Melky was suspended that his 'source' told him Melky was going to be suspended for failing a test. Hard to imagine that was just a coincidence.

Here is why I'm worried

1. Cano and Melky were best friends, they lived together while Melky was on the Yankees.

2. The Yankees have been strangely quiet this off-season, perhaps throwing in the towel with the news? Most chalked it up due to the luxury tax, but it's just not like the Yankees still.

3. Cano not being signed yet, I was assuming the Yankees would throw a gigantic contract at him before the season started.

4. Braun and A-Rod would surprise no one..

5. The only surprise would be Granderson

Could you imagine if it was true? How would it reflect upon the Yankees as a franchise?

Maybe Bud is waiting till after the WBC finishes and the season officially begins? Wouldn't reflect well on baseball that a few major names have been suspended during a tournament designed to spread the game.

Could be a farce to attract traffic towards his site, but his source was right I'm a little nervous at least.
1) Even by baseball fans' flimsy standards, "he's guilty because he's friends with someone who did steroids" is an absurdly low standard for suspicion.

2) The Yankees don't throw in the towel in the face of bad news, they throw good money after bad. It's the way they've always operated, for better or worse (usually worse.)

3) The Yankees have thrown a gigantic contract at Cano (breaking their usual policy to do so.)

This blogger's completely full of it. I mean, of course it's possible that Cano does juice, but there's absolutely zero evidence suggesting it at this point.

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