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03-11-2013, 03:14 PM
Real Men Have Scars
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i can count 5 chanting fans in there...
i already said i would drop it i know u all have sympathy for women thats fine.. maybe go talk to one in real life. that guys been on here for 4 hours now. i have every right to defend myself and tambo from you bashing chanting fans .. he brought you this team.
i would hate to see how you treat your own mother. who brought you into this life. you gonna fire her too? why not start a chant at the dinenr table? what part of "i will drop it" dont you understand, or do i have to post it again? time for your meds buddy. im not on this board 24/7 so when i dont respond for 12 hours its cuz im busy, not getting pwnd by some inacturate BS artcile from a 5th rate wanna be not even sports company.

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