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Originally Posted by stickside View Post
gillis needs to get on the phone to his buddy iain macintyre @ the vancouver sun and get a story run about how gillis isn't a proponent of making coaching changes in the middle of the season.

once the players and fans read it they'll stop trying to get AV fired and play out the season.
Or maybe they should just fire him now.

When a Sedin starts criticizing the system to the media, you know something is up. They don't want him here anymore. It's time for MG to suck up his pride and fire AV. He should have been gone after the playoffs. He has had plenty of time to get this team back on track and all he does is stand there and chew his gum, rip on prospects and throw scrubs on the 2nd line. Absolutely done with this clown.

Some people say that it is too late to making a coaching switch this season, but I see no reason why it can't be done. Learning a new system in a short amount of time might give this team a good challenge and will stimulate their minds. It will also make them keep the game more simple. Keeping AV any longer is just asking for this team to tune him out even more. The stuff AV is preaching isn't do any good so I'd rather the players start practicing a new system than continue to see poor results with AV. Since I think a lot of their uninspired play has to do with AV being coach, I think we could see a more hungry team emerge once he's out of here. No point in keeping AV because the other teams have already figured out this team's system and we're just wasting this season if we keep him. I'd rather fire av and get this team going again. I still believe in this team.

Sedin's comments will go a long way. MG has to be listening to that and knows what it means.

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