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03-11-2013, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
Regarding "will the bridge hurt us in 2 years", you gotta realize that at the time of the signing, money for next summer's FA season would have been quite tight. A Subban signed 5.5M might have been problematic.

Money next summer, however, is gonna be rather nice. We will have Gio and Markov off the books. I think we will do okay, even if Subban required that marginal 1.5M$ more to 6, 6.5 M
Here's the problem. You think signing PK to a bigger deal could have been problematic because of the cap issue. However, PK would have been worth every penny. So, how does somebody that earns every penny of his paycheck become the problem??
That is illogical.
The problem was our cap hit was high due to overpaid players currently on the team. Guys like Gomez and Kaberle who don't deserve their cash, they would have been the problem, not PK.

It's really anybody's guess what PK will command in his next contract. First, we need to see how well he performs. Second, we have to see how players are signed under the new CBA (expect cap hits to be higher than ever as they eliminated the front loaded two decade long deals). Third, it will depend how negotiations go. Finally, it depends if Bergevin offers him an extension as early as this summer or not.

Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
I hear what you are saying, but we can't make decisions with our hearts, we must make them with our brains. It's the game of humans, and nothing is guaranteed. For MB, a new GM, he had to be sure, and I can get behind that. Not to mention, he could be looking at making a serious run at Corey Perry. We need all the space we can get for that.

In the end, PK playing at this level, only bodes well for the franchise and its fans.
As you said, nothing is guaranteed. Even if PK wins back to back Norris, there's no guarantee he will keep up this dominance. It's all about risk/reward.

That's also where ''using your brain'' kicks in. For a guy that praises himself so highly on evaluating players to the point where you say that you can see things many other fans can't, I have to wonder why you're not siding on a longer deal. You didn't need to be some magic scout to see how amazing PK's potential was/is, and how remarkable his play already was (all things considered).
The risk to sign him right away to a longer/cheaper deal now was small. If PK only kept progressing as he as over the last few years, then he would definitely earn his spot among the best of the NHL (all ages considered).

You keep talking about his lack of vision and IQ, but it makes absolutely no sense for someone that lacks IQ to do the things PK does, none.

It was already pretty obvious at first, and it only becomes even more clear every time you speak of the kid, your evaluation of him is just wrong.

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