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Originally Posted by CanuckCity View Post

As much as i loved it before it has become a major downfall. The only line that stays the same for more than one game is sedins and burr. How are players supposed to develop chemistry this way? We have an elite team in terms of our players but we have zero chemistry.

Imo lines should be given at least 2-3 games (depending on performance) before being changed. On that note i think the sedins need a new partner; i love burr and they have proven success but that line needs a new look. Good teams know how to shut them down and they have been on the decline production wise. Kassian, Booth, Kes would be my top 3 to take that position.

I think the players need to be broken down individually based on their strengths (and weaknesses). From this develop lines that have the potential to gel and produce.

For ex.

kesler: elite shot, strength, and speed. lacks creativity and vision
booth: elite speed, good strength, lacks a shot and finish to a degree
Raymond: elite speed, great shot, vision, and creativity but lacks size and can be soft on the puck

etc etc and use this to develop the lines. Then give them 5 or so games to develop some effin chemistry
David Booth had these comments ( I took them from Crows in the PGT, I could not find a quote for the life of me)

"I was thinking about LA last year and they went through a stretch where they werenít playing too well. They didnít even know if they were making the playoffs. Then, they get on a roll, guys start playing and then they have an identity. I think we have to get an identity.

"Each line needs to get a different role and we all need to embrace those roles."

I think Booth is talking some what about line juggling. If not directly, then indirectly.

I would also like to note that last night we played like absolute piss, system or not, nothing was going our way.

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