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Originally Posted by NYROrtsFan View Post
It's amazing how MLS is thought of more highly over in Europe compared to how it is thought of in its own country.

15 years ago, MLS was garbage. 7 years ago, it was slightly better but still bad. 4 years ago it was slightly better.

Now it's pretty solid.. Which is why you see so many of the European teams struggle when they play MLS teams during the summer and also going after so many different MLS players.

It's not the EPL yet but no league in the world is... It's certainly better than the SPL (coming from a Celtic supporter) and several of the other leagues over there. Keeps getting shown clearly by supposed EPL stars coming over here and performing like **** regardless of age.
The best MLS team would struggle to stay up in the EPL. It's gotten better but still not even worth mentioning in the same breath as top flight European pyramids. Several issues hold the MLS back. Firstly, the Improper schedule. Club competitions are to take place through the winter not summer. Summer is reserved for international competitions and qualifiers. Top international players are not going to choose to play in the MLS over the World Cup, European Championship or even qualifiers. Second, there's no pyramid. All the MLS clubs are married and locked to eachother like the other big 4 North American leagues. This is mostly to do with geography. America is far too big and soccer far too unpopular to support the hundreds of clubs it would take to make a pyramid. Lastly, the league champion is not to be determined via tournament. Any team can win a cup competition, see the FA Cup. The league title is supposed to be reserved for the best team, not the hottest team. You demonstrate your worth over the entire season.

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