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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
I do like that line-up though. I didn't really think Duchene had a realistic chance at making the roster, but under that scenario, and given Duchene's bounce back season, I'm liking your suggestion more and more.
I'm thinking:

Tavares - Crosby - Bergeron
E. Staal - Stamkos - St. Louis
Sharp - Toews - Nash
Hall - Giroux - Seguin

Any number of guys could work for #13 and #14, but they'd certainly need to add some grit (which may otherwise be lacking with the above group) and be well-rounded enough to play on any of the four lines. We have sufficient speed with the above lineup, so we can afford to bring someone that adds a different dimension as an extra. Preference for natural wingers, or centers who have experience playing wing.

1. Perry (RW)
2. Neal (left-handed RW)
3. Benn (C/LW)
4. Carter (C/RW)
5. Kane (LW)
6. Richards (C/LW)
7. Duchene (C/LW)
8. Eberle (RW)

To be candid I had considered Eberle a lock heading into the season, but his play thus far hasn't been at the same level as it was last year. He needs to be an 80-point guy to make this squad IMO. I'd say he's been passed by his linemate, Hall, and probably Duchene and Kane as well. Richards is heading down my list, as well - just not very impressive this season.

Perry is starting to turn his game around (unlike Getzlaf, he hasn't struck gold yet, so he's still motivated), and while his skating is and will always be a concern, I like the fact that he's a natural winger, goes hard to the net, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty in the corners.

Neal could serve as a PP specialist or play the odd ES shift with Crosby; he brings a fairly hard-nosed game as well, but lacks the big-game experience of a Perry and while personally I'm not one who likes "specialists" on Olympic teams, its tough to not take someone with that skillset and goal production.

Benn may be heading down my list, and I'm starting to like Evander Kane more and more. I like his desire, speed, and goal-scorer's mentality. Benn gives you a more well-rounded offensive play and PK ability, but he hasn't found consistency yet this season.

I've always been intrigued by Carter. Great physical package, and is burying quite a few for LA. He's the kind of guy who seems to excel when he's allowed to go about his business on the second line, which is concerning from the point of view of the pressure he'll be under the Olympics, but also makes me think he'd do well in a less-pronounced role where he's not carrying the load offensively.

Duchene - Would like to see him play a bit more on the wing, as I don't think he'd find a home at center for us. Still, great skillset, very creative offensively, and has pretty much carried the Avs on his back this season. Like Kane, on his way up the list.

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