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03-11-2013, 03:22 PM
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But projecting forward, you've got a huge television deal coming in Canada with the CBC's Hockey Night in Canada contract expiring in 2014. The cost of television rights for live sports have skyrocketed and this deal will end up being huge. Local television rights continue to grow across the board, with the Kings and Predators both getting significant revenue increases in their most recent deals with local TV broadcasters.

Factor in potential expansion fees or the relocation of an unhealthy Coyotes franchise and the salary cap will be on the rise.

"Fans are coming back and it is not unrealistic to project the cap getting back up there quickly in the next three or four years," said one source.

Expansion is down the road. That won't be part of HRR. The owners keep the entire expansion fee. The players don't get a 50% cut of the expansion fee. The expansion fee for the Markham team will be outrageous. That team will print money. The new TV deal in Canada won't count as HRR until the 15-16 season based that money being part of the 14-15 HRR. Those TV contracts are usually done in the summer before the final season begins. Sometime this summer. The NBA Board of Governors will be voting in mid to late April on the fate of the Sacramento Kings moving to Seattle. A basketball team in Seattle paves the way for a NHL team. The new arena is linked to the NBA team. The PHX team is the money pit. The NHL owners pay the bills.

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