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Originally Posted by LegomyLeggio View Post
I have a post-hockey tournament hangover.

Some highlights from this weekend:

- Getting to Leisure almost at 5:30am for our 7am game on Saturday because the clock in my hotel room was an hour fast.

- My son bragging about his assist in that game after a breakout pass deflected off his skate and fed his linemate for a breakaway.

- The team actually having three pretty good to great 3rd periods after sucking in them most of the season.

- One of the moms had to break up a pool brawl between her son and a teammate.

- The kids running from the hotel security guard who was threatening to take away their new composite ministicks

- Giving the POTG award for our last game to the kid that had a ton of family in the crowd and his family going nuts.

- Trying not to be proud of my son for checking a kid when we played the dirtiest team in our league. His teammates appreciated the hit and penalty.

- Seeing the parents go nuts with the pictures of the kids.

I got caught up in it too:

I also got caught up and got Brandon a $70 stick for $33 for next season and got Nate a $25 composite ministick.

You have to spoil the kids sometimes.

Sounds fun. My son's team, in typical fashion, roared out to a 4-0 lead by the mid-way point of the game, only to give up the next 7 and lose 7-4. He freaked out in the handshake line and we had a bit of a talking to afterwards. He was resting on the laurels of what was one of his best games last outing and while he skated his little tail off, he didn't go anywhere he was supposed to. Five or six times the puck came to where he was supposed to be in front of the other team's net and he was either already back on defense, standing at center ice, or in one classic instance, yelling at no one with his back to the play.

I have no issue with him being passionate and wanting to win. I do have a major, major issue with him not taking the coaching AND freaking out in the handshake lineup. There was a bit more poor sportsmanship too, involving his own teammates. He's lucky I didn't ground him until the next millenium. Smashing his stick on the ice repeatedly at the end of the game? Suffice to say, the blade was already cracked when he did that a few weeks ago when he failed to score and pounded it on the ice.

Unless he has a massive change of heart, he's probably done with hockey. The downside, according to him, is they added another game in the loser's bracket and his team has one more game in two weeks.

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