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03-11-2013, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Ryan McDonut View Post
yeah how much will these bridges actually affect sight lines because i usually can only afford to sit high up and id like to be able to see.
You will be able to see the ice. That isn't the issue. The view of the rest of the arena will be compromised. Your view of the scoreboard will be blocked. Your view of the ceiling will be blocked, as will the view of any banners hung in the rafters (especially those across ice.)

The old Montreal Forum had a similar "obstruction". In the upper blue seats for standing room (which was at the top of the bowl), you could not see the scoreboard, because the views were obstructed by truss work and press / media boxes hung above the seating area. CRTs were placed up there so fans could keep track of penalties and such. Shot counters were located end ice down low, so you could see that pretty clearly from the top of the bowl. But again, that being an old barn, you dealt with it. They added more and more seats to the place over the years, so you'd expect some give-backs. Here at MSG, they've managed to take away seats and add obstructions.... nuts.

If your goal is to watch the action on the ice, then no worry. If you want to watch the scoreboard or have a "great view" of the bowl / garden ceiling, then this "bridge" is going to be in your way.


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