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03-11-2013, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Megustaelhockey View Post
I despise this talking point.

I do very well and I've been watching this team since I was four years old. A hot ticket, a good product, and high player salaries justify an increase. You don't have to be blue collar or an out-of-control yeller during games to be a real fan.

It's not like they are raising prices when the team is awful.
They have raised ticket prices in bad years many times. The problem is that many of the people who are buying tickets (and this includes the "cheap seats") are not the die hards who will go to every game. Sure, many of those people are still season ticket holders (for now), but they go to less and less games per year essentially saving their tickets for playoff rights. They sell the tickets to people who are visiting NY and just want to go to MSG, out of town fans, corporate buyers who want to take a client to a game, and the like. You're lucky if the guy who's buying your seats is a die hard who goes to a couple games per year. Then who knows who he's even bringing. Could bring 3 or 4 people who aren't even into hockey but just want to go.

This is what happens as prices rise even for people who do pretty well for themselves, but don't want to spend 3K+ on hockey tickets (plus transportation, food, beer, etc) where they can get a great experience these days from the comfort of their homes.

However, if the Garden cares more about profits than the experience of going to the game and catering to their fan base, then they'll keep raising prices until the market pushes back (which hasn't happened yet). Of course the Garden is operating like any business would and I don't blame them for it and with NYC being what it is, the odds of the market saying no to NYR hockey at this point is very slim so they'll keep going up and people will keep buying.

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