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Originally Posted by Hugh Mann View Post
During the final 41 games of last season, the Canucks scored 2.73 goals per game and allowed 2.41. While the former is a decently high number by the standards of today's very low-scoring NHL, the latter isn't particularly good. Furthermore, in nearly half of those games, 19 out of 41, they allowed 3 or more goals per game.

No, the Canucks did not ride the strength of their goalies over the second half of last season. They received good goaltending, yes, but they were a good team overall. Also, in the original posted I quoted, you claimed that their current troubles were not "just a short-term losing streak," when in fact they did not find wins few and far between during the second half of last season.

I find it interesting how a rough patch of 8 bad games can cause such memory problems. Then again, Vancouver is pretty infamous for that kind of attitude.
One can win games and be performing badly (see our record this season before this losing streak). Look at the final year of Crawford here; team was coasting (winning by virtue of talent alone - lousy work ethic) until injuries happened and the wheels fell off.

Team defense was horrible which does reflect in the GAA you're quoting. Look at the save percentage which tells you more about how well the goaltending was (it's not perfect but it's far more accurate than GAA in assessing goalies). Case in point, Edler - he put up the points but was medicore defensively.

But that's just my opinion.

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