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Originally Posted by RUSF18 View Post
I don't mind the seat size, and I'm not a skinny guy...but the narrow concourses are really terrible. I have no idea what they were thinking. There is absolutely no room to accommodate both walking traffic and concession lines backing up. And there's no way to prevent the back up thanks to how MSG staffs and operates the concessions.
The concourse for the upper bowl is now located on the 8th floor. The concourse for the old 200's / 300's used to be on the 7th floor (Hence the gates to the old yellows and greens being in the 70's).

The amount of space between the back of the bowl and the perimeter of the building itself shrinks as you go higher in the building. You can argue that since the new upper bowl was pushed closer to the ice, you get some of that back... it may even a BIT wider... But the problem is that you now have everyone who used to make use of the old 300's AND 400's now need to use the same concourse. In the past, you had not only the 7th floor "full circle" concourse, but the "hidden" concourses on the 8th floors (which ran along 31st and 33rd streets).

Circulation between seats and concourses has definitely suffered in the renovation.


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