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03-11-2013, 04:11 PM
Flyers Win 201x Cup
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Originally Posted by JustJim View Post
I am a lifetime Flyers fan. I began following them since their second year of existence, so I've seen every goalie they've ever had. Parent, Favell, Gamble, Taylor, Stephenson, Peeters etc.
I have not had confidence in a Flyers goalie since the Hextall era. I was in favour of acquiring Ilya Bryzgalov, and I've given him support during the time he's been here, however I am getting tired of his inconsistency.
Bryz doesn't inspire confidence, he makes me as a fan nervous as hell in every game. There isn't a time where I think, the Flyers have this game/ Bryz is a rock out there, and there's no way the other team will beat him!
Those thoughts never happen when it comes to this guy.
I remember a former team mate of Bernie Parent saying that he asked Bernie. " how many goals do we need to get to beat this team?" Bernie responded, "one,maybe two".
Bryzgalov was given a three point cushion against the Penguins last week in the first period, and managed to blow it! Bernie, Pelle, Hexy....wouldn't blow a lead like that.
Bryzgalov makes his fans nervous, so I'm sure his teammates are equally nervous.
It's time for a better back up goalie who could actually be a starting goalie.
It's time for Holmgren to get off his arse and help this team by acquiring a useable back up!
It is the team's fault for the play of our goalie. All the breakdowns and mistakes that result in goals against is blamed on the team, not Bryz. He is our team MVP and has been the best Flyer this year, hands down.

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