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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
yea. my big logic. you get what I'm saying tho right? miller makes more and he's been used as an example of what we should have in net and he looks like a human to me. same type of goals goin. so using your logic there's no reason to complain about bryzgalov and blame him for everything on the level you do cause it wouldn't make sense. at all.
The same TYPE of goals go in, but LESS OF THEM, go in. How you cannot grasp that is beyond me. I don't have a problem with Bryzgalov letting goals like the G goal or the Gags goal in every now and again, but Bryz let's them in a lot more frequently than Miller.

One goalie has a .913 save %, the other has a .899. The guy with the .913 is a vastly superior goalie who is allowing less pucks past, all else equal.

It's pretty simple.

If you tell me Bryz is going to let in only 2 goals per game, I could care less how great or soft the goals are. Bryz could go get a drink during live action and allow 2 goals as long as he shuts it down for the rest of the game. The thing is, that's not what happens. Bryz allows bad / mediocre goals, he allows more of them than the average goalie, and he comes up with less big saves than guys like Miller so he never makes up for it.

I've watched a lot of Miller's games this year. This was a bad game for him, which is the exception, not the rule. Bryz on the other hand has more bad games than good, which is unacceptable and is why at the end of the day, Miller is a vastly superior goaltender.

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