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Originally Posted by Royal Canuck View Post
But with skates on, will it be the same? I won't stand a chance in the corners, I'm only 135 pounds, I'll get manhandled. The only part of my game that I'll be able to maintain is my speed and my shot, but my defensive play will take a toll. I've also been known to get under people's skin easily, although I gave that up when I got the "C" and intend to keep that away from my game until I need it, plus pissing off a bunch of full grown men isn't smart considering my size. And yes, I will be keeping my cage on until I feel comfortable without it and have the funds to buy a visor, they aint' cheap.
I was on the same boat as you. If you pay a bit more attention to your diet and focus on what you eat, you could put on 20 pounds over 3 months very comfortably.

It makes a world of difference, you feel alot stronger moving through traffic, your shot will become instantly better. I went from just over 130 pounds to around 155, and it helps so much.

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