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03-11-2013, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
Was it a big tournament?

I know some countries have bigger followings for individual sports compared to team base. One example is Norway, who does have a big following in both football and hockey, but the country's number one sport is ski jumping and other forms of skiing.
Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Golf gets pretty big ratings, even the smaller tournaments get quite a few eyes. Golf also is a "4 day" event, starts on Thurs, goes to Sunday for a lot of tournaments. Not surprised it gets the ratings it does.*

I think it's because a lot of people play golf, and it's easy to aspire/dream that "hey I just have to work on my game and I have a chance at the pros!" Okay, that's simplistic, but it isn't like a team sport where you have to be drafted, you can play a lot and try and work your way to the "qualification" tourneys if you get good enough (but have to be very good just to get a sniff of qualification tourney)
Tiger was in contention.

That tells you all you need to know. OH, and he won.
Golf ratings explode when Tiger's in it on Sunday, and especially if he's leading.
even I was all over it.. and i don't watch normally... Only when the leaders are of some interest... Els, Mickelson, Bubba, etc.. and especially Tiger.

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