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03-11-2013, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by FLAMESFAN View Post
I think a person is entitled to repond when called out, don't you?

I claimed that playing Taylor 3 straight days (even if Irving started the first game, Taylor basically played the whole game) goes to show that the team has no confidence in Brust or Irving right now. I asked him to tell me the last time a goalie played 3 straight days. He couldn't, so he claimed that any team would play their starter in that situation. I've shown him to be wrong 6 out of 6 tries. Brust may have played 3 in 4 nights, which is crazy in its own right, but he never played 3 consecutive days.
I think a person can only control how he/she reacts, then responds to a situation.

It's no secret that Brust & Irving have both struggled lately, and the team has every right not to be confident in them.

Who cares if it's never happened before or it happens all the time - in this scenario, with Taylor playing much better than the other two goalies on the team, and obviously having the confidence in the coaching staff, of course he's going to play - regardless of what another team might do. It's a pretty unique situation.

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