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03-11-2013, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Parker McDonald View Post
It sucks for some of us who are going to get priced out, but just because some people are richer than others doesn't make them less of a die-hard.

I'm a die-hard fan, but being 20 years old with no job (well only in the summer), I'm probably not going to buy any tickets next year. I bought 10 last year and 5 this year and I'm probably not going to buy any for next year. In the future when I start a career, I don't care how much tickets will cost. I'll pay for it. This whole "sucks for the die-hard fan" **** has to stop.
listen man, put yourself in our shoes and it sucks.

my first year was 06-07 and the prices in the 400's were $26 each. i was a senior in high school at the time and had a summer job to pay for my seats. same thing the first 2 years of college. i went to sacred heart in ct and drove down to most of the games.

now we're at $50 bucks, probably $55 next year. When's it going to end? Out of the 24 games this year at home i'll probably be at 10. I used to go to 35-40 games per season.

the gardens not the same, not the same type of fan, and they're pricing most of the loyal fans out. all in all it sucks as a fan. however, msg's goal is to make money and as several other posters have said here, until they can't sell out, they have to do what they have to do to continually increase revenues. from a purely business standpoint i agree with it.

at what point does the bubble burst and when will the market be unable to sustain the price increases? everyone is seeing whats going on in the bronx with the yankees. you'd think MSG would realize it

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