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03-11-2013, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Leetch66 View Post
Exactly...he is just biding his time and collecting a check and the fans sitting in the seats let him away with it every night . Lay the boos on him...let him have it...and Richards too and anybody else who goes through the motions . These guys get complacent mainly because we allow it to happen .

Does anybody think that guys like Girardi , Staal and McDonagh like dropping down to block shots when they see these 7 -8 Million dollar prima donnas backing away from a play because they might get checked like Gabby did the other day . That kind of stuff is noticed by your fellow teammates and it does not help a team bond in any way whatsoever ! Plus it certainly is not what you want guys like Kreider/Miller/Hags to it ???
They let him get away with it because he has scored 113 goals in 244 games as a NYR. He's earned a little bit of freedom.

Gaborik was "the guy" and everyone was high on him... just last season. It wasn't until his labrum injury that people noticed a significant dip in his play, and people labeled him as a drifter who doesn't show up for the playoffs.

Even this season, as much as he has floated, the guy has 4 GWG's for us, two of them in OT. Thus, his goals have contributed 8 points on the standings. He's scored big goals this year. And without those 8 points, we aren't in a playoff spot.

And let's settle down on Nash everyone. He has played 20 games here. When he can score 113 goals in 244 games as a NYR, I'll give him the same leeway that I give Gaborik.

And honestly, I don't care about the lack of his "physical play." He get's paid to score goals, and in his significant 244 game sample, he has scored at a 38 goal / 82 game pace over the last four seasons (0.463G/GP), including this one. He has scored over 40 goals twice, and has finished 5th in goals in the NHL in his 1st season with us and 3rd in goals in the NHL in his last season with us.

Now he is a whipping boy because he had a slow start and Nash is the new flavor of the month. Guess what, he isn't Nash. He never was. He was never the dangler that could plow through players. He's a completely different player. And that type of player is an elite sniper who is struggling this season because he is on his off wing and is losing confidence. Every player has off years, even the best ones.

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