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Originally Posted by Knights77 View Post
Back in the early 2000's Knights were the laughing stock of the league. Along came the Hunters and they got their star player Rob Schremp and built around him and won a cup. That winning pedigree hasn't left since.
So you have your star player....where's your championship? Next two years, let's go...clock's ticking.
Do some research into how hard the Hunters worked for this franchise and then see if all their success is attributed to 'league preferential treatment' - oh and by the way, what number does Mr leaguepreferentialtreatment wear for the Knights? How many goals does he put up each year? Exactly.
I hope the Otters have a few good years and others try to tear down what they built by saying it is something other than hard work - oh wait, that will probably happen, and it will be people saying that you guys got lucky getting McDavid and that is why you are hope.
Suits me just fine if you guys stay where you are - in the standings that is - 2points is nice to count on. But just for fun, how bout the team London, and Dylan Hunter can run that team and show you how its done
"$$" is the number Mr. league preferential treatment wears. Like almost anything else when it comes down to it, it is all about the $$$ no matter how sad that is in todays society. When you talk about building around Scremph I agree, but is it the winning or $pending pedigree that hasn't left??? Players put doubt in teams minds saying the are going the college or USA development team route. Then after their draft stock drops due to that uncertainty in $woop$ London to draft that player 2 to 3 rounds later than their talent would warrant. Or even better, a player refuses to go to their team because they only want to play for London (Domi) and they force a team that drafts them to trade them away.

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